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LANDONI S.N.C. è lo specialista per le segatrici industriali, per tagli verticali, segatrici a catena e per applicazioni speciali.

LANDONI S.N.C. vende segatrici industrialia, segatrici a catena, per tagli verticali, per applicazioni speciali e scortecciatrici.


Our Company, LANDONI SEGATRICI INDUSTRIALI SNC operates in the field of the cut of the wood from more than 60 years.
Our experience is matured first with the construction of electrics saw and gardening articles, then with a range of industrial chain sawing machines adapted for the first workmanship of the wood.
Our Trolley sawing machines have electric motors from Hp. 9 or Hp. 12,5 and they can climb on bars drives chain with length of cut from. Cm 120 to Cm. 240. While the body of the machine is standard, the length of the bar and the type of chain to be climbed on are chosen of time in time in base to the demands of the customer.
We also produce Electric chainsaws single-phase engines from Hp. 2,5, Electric chainsaws three-phase from Hp. 3,5 and Electric bark strippers with single-phase engines.
We are in a position to supplying whichever type of bar, chain guide bars, chain tension rollers, drive pinions for whichever existing sawing machines on the market and moreover we can supply chains log-sawing that leaves from a footstep of 325′ up to mm. 25.