Guidebars, sprockets and pullyes PRINZ are made in the factory in Loosdorf in Austria. They are produced with a very strong steel and with a very high quality and they are suitable Not only for PRINZ saws but also for other brands that you can find on the market, as CMS, STORTI, STHIL and DOLMAR.
Available in 3 main executions: High frequency hardened, with special hard faced edge on one or both sides. NEW in our range: EXPERT-LINE guide bars, with 30% more longevity compared to conventional guide bars!

TKS Cutting capacity 100cm,120cm,150cm,170cm,200cm,225cm,250cm. Cutting capacity 150 e 170cm In version EXPERTLINE DSH/UMBAU Cutting capacity 100cm,120cm,150cm,170cm,200cm,225cm,250cm
ES121 Cutting capacity 100cm,130cm,160cm,190cm,250cm Cutting capacity 130, 160 e 190cm In version EXPERTLINE PC120 Cutting capacity 140cm, 150cm e 175cm Cutting capacity 175 In version EXPERTLINE DSH Cutting capacity 100cm,120cm,150cm,170cm,200cm,225cm,250cm

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