Electric Sawing Machine AGM

The portable electric sawing machine type AGM is built in particular to cut big logs, packets of woods or, with a scraper widia chain, paper and plastic.
This machine has an electric engine of 12,5 Hp.; on it is possible assemble guide bars with a length from cm. 140 to cm. 240. This model has also an automatic tension and an automatic oiling of the chain, with an oil gear pump. On this sawing machine it’s assembled the scraper chains or type DLC or DAC; the first one has a pitch of mm. 25 and a thickness of mm. 5, while the second one has a pitch of mm. 19 and a thickness of mm. 5. On it it’s assembled a chipper chain type 75; this chain has a pitch of ¾” and a thickness of mm. 3.
It’s more suitable for cutting logs.

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