Slide Saws PRINZ


The ECOSTAR by PRINZ is for universal use and an ideal entry-level model for efficient cross-cutting of ends and cutting through round timber and stacks,
And much more. Best value for money and an infinity of applications.
TECHNICAL DATA: ergonomic cutting handle facilitating an easy raising of the guide bar / large front plate for easy square aligning of the saw
Against the package / 5 lt oiltank capacity for many fours of operation / easy chain replacement / quickly pays for itself thanks to low purchase and operating costs /
For cross sections up to 130 x 130 (width x height)


The mobile crosscut saws PROFICUT LIGHT (7,5kw) and PROFICUT STRONG (11kw) are further development of Ecostar and can additionally be delivered
With a package loading frame.
FEATURES: high cut accuracy with two stabilisers / large front plate for exacting squaring of the saw against the package / automatic lubrication of the
Saw chain directly on the cutting edge / cross sections up to 130×130 cm (width x height)


For growing and suiting Prinz Proficut saws, Prinz offers a package loading frame in different sizes
TECHNICAL DATA: saw is positioned manually and fixed / the guide bar is always perpendicular to the package / the saw remains in perfect position during
The entire cutting process.

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